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If you are one of us (and by us, we mean people who are in love with all things that have to do with Asian porn), then the site AV Idolz is for you! This pornsite is a dedicated caregiver in many ways to people with all kinds of fantasies about Japanese produced porn. First, the content here features women you have no clue about, and that is a part of the excitement.


You do not want to like always be looking at pornstars you know; you want fresh faces because they bring a different kind of thrill to you. And since a large portion of hardcore is overrun by babes from America and Europe, it’s nice to see the Asians take a stake of the market for their own. In this pornsite, they are dedicated to their own, Japanese, beautiful, unique, and real!

First thing is that you receive a nice commission of females with all kinds of independent looks. You can put them in broad terms as – young and nimble – and shapely young adults to milfs. The women either come with their natural hair colors, or dyed shades of different colors, and they have some slight differences in the facial departments. They are all Asians, yes, but come from different parts of Japan and Asia, so they will look different in some ways. Using what they have been blessed with naturally and that is a ton of sexuality, the porno here is far reaching to say the least! For example, it reaches all the way into niches like foot job, facials, creampies, threesomes, spread pussy, homemakers, teachers, close-ups, bukkake, etc.

With AVIdolz, you will have some 360 DVDs they say that develop into more than 1600 scenes. They play for twenty or fifty minutes, depending on the one you land on. Of course, you have your hands on some mobile device formats in case you are not near your home, laptop, or pc. You can sneak in some hardcore watching from wherever you get an internet connection.


In the albums, they have fifty to a hundred pics, with about as many albums available as corresponding updates they have made. In the model indexes are the Japanese models, while you have clear navigation layout of all the action. The model index shows you women either in lingerie, dressed, or in costumes. The models also love wearing traditional Japanese kimonos.

If you are worried of quality of DVD don’t be, and the advantages of this deal still keep on trickling in. You see, with membership comes network access to other sites. These sites contain other hardcore, modeling, and various fetishes including bdsm. These bonus sites have hundreds of films, so added all together you are looking at much. Older archives have good movies, resolution is okay for DVDs, and it is not like all the content here is exclusive. Some DVDs will be found in other sources. However, remember this about AVIdolz, they are jammed packed with uncensored best Japanese hardcore. In addition, they come with a big bonus attached. And they update. You are joining the today yes!