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Maybe (and this is all conjecture at this moment), the website Black GFs first started as a pornsite that takes the amateur submission of ebony girlfriends and posts them online. You know – the private sex tapes; the naughty films from college babes; the different types of young sexual acts that young people love filming! Then they would be posted online, with or without the permission of the girlfriends. But if you seriously look at them today, well things are a bit different. They are still showing ebony ladies fucking in bjs, anal, creampies, pussy hardcore and more. But the one question that a new person will have is on the authentic levels of these films.


The pornsite does have many ebony female amateurs, and guys you do not know. However, the way its filmed betrays some experience behind the camera, even with the shaky pov. But if this is not information that interest you, and you don’t care about the claim of authentic black female hardcore videos, then let’s look into more info that will interest you! The videos are not scripts; they are not done in studios. The backdrop is still normal rooms, dorm rooms, hotels, and so forth. The beautiful skinned ebony gals are fucked by white and black guys all the time, and they have been updating all sizes of babes.

Pornsite has the thick babes with ass that’s soft and mountain shaped when they are taking cock doggy style. And there are the athletic types, small females who have trim features allowing them to take cock all inside the stomach to their throats and such! It also goes for the complexion darkness of the ebony females, as the pornsite has shades from real flawless dark chocolate to lighter skin tone.


The Black GFs discount is part of the GFs-Leaks-Network, and that is part of the larger company called Reality Kings. Members have this pornsite and the others affiliated in the network, and you can always find information going upward to the hardcore parent company in charge of everything, if you want. What you should care about is that they have updated to allowing members to download high definition films.

Before all that, they used to have 720p resolution to 360p res, and used to have pictures normal resolution as well. Not all the videos have pics; some seem to have forgotten to be uploaded. Anyway, nowadays you can watch pics online and save in zip files too, with the simplest hookup of the pornsite design possible.

Pornsite has menu for – home, videos, girls, sites. Some people won’t like the glamorous adverts and discounts placed next to the video previews, but it’s a small intrusion to bear really. (It’s a small bad issue for us!) Maybe the pornsite should just start moving into saying they are doing hardcore variety of amateur black girlfriends, and not focus so much on the homemade user submission storyline? But anyway, some people love that kind of fantasy so who knows right? Black GFs has many many videos, has hundreds of babes, different sex genres, and bonus sites. In the long run of things, it makes sense to join because of the overall access that you get, and the sexual young black perfect babes having sex, so yea check them out!