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Most people do not realize that Wankz is in fact a collection of 59 sites. Most people think it’s a pornsite about wanking instructional videos. Most people do not offer the correct kind of respect to this collection that literally has thousands of videos. But you know what? Most people are not you! You know the value of having a good place with collected hardcore videos in the thousands. You know that once you learn a bit more about this deal, you’ll be eager to find yourself a membership deal!


So, some of the sites include – Bang A Midget, Make Them Gag, CFNM Exposed, Matrix Models, Big Tits Like Big Dicks, Bang My Stepmom, Round Juicy Butts, Food Bangers, Spoiled Slut, Over 40 Hardcore, Lesbian Sistas, Ebony Internal, etc. You can tell from the names, wow, it’s gonna be hectic deciding what kinks to starts with, but for us we have rather separated the sites into 2 broad spectrums. Number 1 – hardcore xxx sites dealing in normal mainstream varieties. Number 2- hardcore xxx sites dealing in specific things like midgets, bisexual, foot and food fetish, hot wax, pussy fisting, squirting, vintage, pile driver, bondage, prone bone, and others you’ll learn of inside. Everyone gets to learn something from this place, everyone!

Wankz.com collections are to be found in a tidy looking design; the sites are easy to navigate. On the big films, with big resolutions of 1080p and of 4K Ultra HD, you’re looking at 4 GB videos. In that case, you had better have the space to store files and the proper internet connection to download and stream quickly\reliably. However, it’s okay, there are other formatted sizes especially in the SD resolution for you, but all recent updates are kept at maximum quality levels of resolution. Online player with timeline strips on it that allow for forwarding\rewinding\jumping to any section you like will be found inside this pornsite. The video formats are usually mp4 files. The studio is a major believer in offering all options for social media interactions, and you can see links to many famous ones inside to help you interact a bit more with people.

The navigation contains all the needed tabs for you to either see stars, videos, sites, categories, and information about the place. Each update and its date, its descriptions, its related content – all these things guide you in finding your special content as you surf inside.

wankz coupon

The numbers will make total sense as this place is dealing you some 2500 videos and 2100 pictures, (- these numbers are just estimates; it’s probably more inside). Because it’s easy to pack pictures in zip packs and save, and because they want to lessen your workload, this place provides you with the zip files for pictures.

Each site contains its own number of videos. Feature for your favorites, liked videos, comments, and other navigational options are yours to use, and there will be 1800+ models inside. But, they have ceased on updating since 2016, and it’s hard to figure out what the reason for that is, but that’s the way it is. There’s information on affiliations they have with other pornsites and in case you’re interested, you’d have to pay more. Wankz membership deal is note worthy, needs to be carefully considered because of the amount they have and the quality and the range of filthy beautiful hardcore porn.