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Camera work evolved as much as better editing software comes out each year, and because the physical cameras are improving in quality. In this pornsite, the techniques could be pov, handheld, up close, wide, third party, etc. Since the movies are supposed to be done by normal people (like you and us), you will find the camera may move, shake, not focus sometimes, or move out of a shot too quickly! These are just some of the things you accept with websites that have such a theme as this one.


In the website, there are hundreds of wmv and mp4 files for the members who also receive all the search help possible and filters as well. The pictures that you do find are between normal resolutions to video captures. The site has the zip file option, or the online watching option, and the videos come dated (but they date according to days and hours that the video was uploaded instead of stating which date specifically – which is not really a bothersome thing for most people!) Normally the video will be 20 to 30 minutes. Some videos are less than 10 minutes, so it depends on what you select, but it truly feels like everything will be okay inside this pornsite! Claim it, get it, and join ExGF.com.