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For anyone looking into the shemale niche, there is a website by Jay Sin called TS Playground. It is not like tranny hardcore porn is a new thing as such. the fetish as been around for many years. But like every entertaining hardcore niche online, the tranny sex films needed the right director and performers to make it famous in the landscape.


This pornsite is fantastically representing the diversity of fucking that shemales offer. The director Jay definitely has longevity in the industry, and has done many things that have helped the industry grow. so this director focusing on the tranny genre is a good thing.

t is a fantastic thing also that many new pornstar models have come up in the niche; so there is discovery about to happen here for you and the sexy tranny models. You can separate the models inside this pornsite as ladies with feline female looks, big dicks, big boobs and ass, muscular physiques, and separate them according to races too. They have Latina, Asian, Ebony, European, American models and different males as well. The shemales are either very curvy or they are also slim\petite. The models are normally dolled up in sexual gear and in makeup to make them erotic.

Then, the director takes the time to find the right place that the film will take place. It includes the hotels, homes, outside in the pool, on beds, couches, etc. The best camera is chosen for the filming. It is the reason why the updates today are in 1080p resolution. It is the reason why the digital pictures are high resolution. But on that note, they also do prepare formats for mobile devices. These smaller sizes have resolution as small as 160p in different mp4\wmv choices, moving up in size and resolution – so many options there.


Then, Jay the director, takes the models and dudes and starts pairing them up. Inside TS Playground, you will find shemale and male, shemale and shemale, solo, shemale and women, and groups. When you are online, you surf-search the models as they are linked, and surf categories, pictures, and updates are dated. The dates confirm that the place is updating even today. Its updates are weekly so far.

When you sign up and register for newsletter (so that you can have information on deals and news), you will then get to the members area and start surfing.

When you click on an update to watch or download, you get related shemale hardcore scenes. You are free to unlimitedly download and the scenes come from the DVD movies the producer makes. It means one thing; that the scenes you watch are semi-exclusive. They could be found as physical DVDs out there in the stores, but the scenes always premier in this pornsite first.

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